You can’t work here.


For the first time ever I’ve had to bow out of the race for a job I really wanted…  and it was because of my health.

Facilities that aren’t a factory that require a physical rub me the wrong way.  I always thought my health wasn’t an employers business… period.  If I say I am capable, I am.  I try too damn hard to be ‘normal’ to have to deal with explaining my medical history to a job.

So I had the chance to work at a large hospital lab in the Microbiology department, which was always what I really wanted to do.  I had a lot of problems getting through the day at my last job, so I wanted to start out part time once we moved.  (We just recently moved out of state and that’s a whole other chronic illness blog in itself…)  So this micro job was part time and perfect.  I was so insanely excited for it.  Then came the physical…

They asked for my entire medical history, which was a little much to ask me on a small dry erase board.  I was honest because honesty is the best quality.  They were not happy with that.

First off was my back pain.  I hadn’t had any doctor look at my MRI report because I literally just moved after I had it done.  It wasn’t bothering much so I didn’t think it was a problem.

Then they read about how I haven’t been diagnosed officially as having Crohn’s disease, but basically, I have Crohn’s.  Dirty looks from the doctor ensued.  I swear I’m not lying sir, I literally wouldn’t curse my enemy with these afflictions.

Last thing he had a problem with was my dizzy spells.  It hits me maybe twice a week at the worst and hasn’t affected me when working, so I didn’t care about it.  He was like NOPE.

So he let the Crohn’s thing slide, although I don’t think he wanted to.  He said I had to see a doctor to follow up and get cleared for the back pain and the dizziness.  He didn’t tell the assistant and no one told me what I needed.  When I asked, they couldn’t give a straight answer and told me just to grab an appointment at an urgent care since they wanted me to start work in a week.

So I go, I get paperwork.  Next attempt, NOPE.  There’s not enough detail on my work release.  So I tried to email them the full report they gave me, no one got back with me.

My fourth attempt was literally right before orientation.  I waited an hour and they told me no.  They couldn’t accept the letter from an urgent care, which would have been great to know on day one.  The assistant told me I couldn’t be cleared anyways because I can’t lift over 10 lbs.  All of this would have been fucking great to know the first time.

I’ve literally never felt so ashamed for something I have no control over.  I guess at least they’re saving me the grief of working for them.  I mean, I understand, they don’t want to get fucked, but fuck I need to work to afford my medicine and doctors appointments.

Speaking of which, new insurance won’t pay for because fuck Crohn’s.

Anyways…  This year has been tough.  The roughest for my health I think.

I guess I need to start working my backup plan for something that is health-friendly for me.  Yet here I go, back to working in a hospital…


P.S.  I’ve calmed down 100% of the rage from this whole experience.  This has been one of the most disheartening experiences I’ve gone through and I don’t think they realize how awful it has been on my end.  Plus some of those ladies were the most rude and cold people I’ve ever met.  So much for a caring Catholic health institution.