A house with mystery guts

So in my last post I was feeling super hopeful thanks to a great new doctor.  Well I got my pathology report back and lo and behold it was negative. No explanation for the irritation or why I was having any other symptoms. I got a ‘keep taking your meds and see you in 6 months’ speech.
Another random occurrence in my medical odyssey.
I will be starting yet another wonderful journey to find a doctor, this time to replace my primary care.  She moved into a new office with all the nuts I can’t stand and the PA is only working at the women’s group.
So now I have extra motivation because this last week I’ve been fighting shingles.  This is the 3rd time I’ve had it and I’m 25.  Always in the same spot, it shows up under my right eye.  This bout has been the worst.  It moved up towards the inner part of my eye, down my nose, and swelled my whole bottom lid.  I also had some pop up on my mouth.
Adding this to regular cold sores and my bout of bells palsy years ago, I think I’m done with my face.  What reason does a supposedly health 25 year old go through this?  I honestly don’t understand.
I guess at least I can make the joke that I’m turning into a house?  (Get it?  Shingles…  haha)


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