Maybe some progress for a change?


Today I got an upper and lower scope.  I’ve gone through 6 years of GI problems and finally have a great doctor who seems to take me seriously and want to get me fixed. I’ve never got to experience a doctor visit like that before and it’s got me really excited.
Obviously getting ready for this day was awful and I wanted to die.  Thankfully,  it was like nothing happened. The doctor found some inflammation and took some biopsies. Obviously I don’t want them to find anything,  but I do want there to be something so I can fix it.  It’s a strange feeling that I’ve had forever.  Initially they’re thinking I may have a wheat allergy,  which would suck a ton, but also explain a lot and might actually get myself feeling a ton better once I start changing my diet.
Here’s to hoping it’s something forreally real.  And really fixable.


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