Maybe some progress for a change?


Today I got an upper and lower scope.  I’ve gone through 6 years of GI problems and finally have a great doctor who seems to take me seriously and want to get me fixed. I’ve never got to experience a doctor visit like that before and it’s got me really excited.
Obviously getting ready for this day was awful and I wanted to die.  Thankfully,  it was like nothing happened. The doctor found some inflammation and took some biopsies. Obviously I don’t want them to find anything,  but I do want there to be something so I can fix it.  It’s a strange feeling that I’ve had forever.  Initially they’re thinking I may have a wheat allergy,  which would suck a ton, but also explain a lot and might actually get myself feeling a ton better once I start changing my diet.
Here’s to hoping it’s something forreally real.  And really fixable.


Travel time!

What’s it like to travel with chronic pain?
Well, sir, it sucks but it is totally worth it.
My trip to Boston was for work, so I couldn’t take it as easy as I would have liked.  I also went with my boss so I was even more inclined to put my pains aside.
Looking back I would say it wasn’t bad, but I pushed myself…  hard.  Every morning I had to walk around my hotel room to be able to even put my foot flat on the ground.  Of course it wasn’t helping the aches and pains that my body was pumping exta hormones out.  We trekked around Boston and Salem on foot and walked super fast through the airports.  I thought my calf muscles were gonna snap.
I still don’t think my body is fully recovered from the trip.  I worked the two days after we came back and now I’m prepping for a GI scope tomorrow,  then back to work I go!  I’m going to be so happy when I finally get to my weekend off.
I guess one thing I learned on this trip is that it isn’t bad to try to push yourself, it can be worth it.  I’m sure the change of scenery also helped with that.  The daily duldrum does start to wear on you and then certain everyday things seem impossible anymore.  By getting out, pushing yourself to do new things, you can have a refocused view.  Maybe you can still do that task that seemed impossible,  you just have to try it a different way.
Give me a few weeks though, I’ll be worn done again.  Too bad a monthly vacation is unattainable!