No judgement zone.

I work in the health care field.  I know what people say. Any time I work up the nerve to finally get my ass into the doctor’s office I feel like they have to be talking about how much of a hypochondriac I am.  I’ve been getting tests ran for a stupid amount of things since I was 13 and the only thing that has ever been wrong has been that my Vitamin D is low. Currently I keep having chest pain.  It started about 5 years ago.  I wore a holter monitor and got an echo.  The cardiologist told my dad one thing, but apparently documented another.  A year later I went back to see him, we did a stress test (which I had an extreme allergic reaction in the middle of) and it was normal.  They also gave me a holter to wear for a month, which almost immediately broke and required me to call over a regular telephone each time I had an episode.  Obviously that just didn’t work. Now it’s almost every day.  It’s annoying and distracting.  I really hate to go back to the doctor over it.  They won’t do anything.  At least not productive or in a timely manner.  It’ll just add on to my record and give them more reasons to roll their eyes every time I come in. I know a lady that comes in to my work all the time and there’s never anything wrong.  I think she has some mental issues and she just wants social interaction.  I really do feel sorry for the lady.  But the attitudes of some of my coworkers when she comes in is really disheartening…  It’s like she’s become a joke.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely made a comment or two usually along the lines of, “Oh look, there’s so-and-so again.  She must have missed us.”  The worst part is a lot of the time they make her wait.  They definitely do not use the same get-up-and-go attitude with her to get her treated and out the door like they do with most other patients.  I really hate to see the day when there is something serious going on with her and people are dragging their feet to help her. It really makes me paranoid when I go to the doctor’s.  I would show up once every couple of months and of course nothing was ever wrong.  I really hope they don’t see me in a similar light.


2 thoughts on “No judgement zone.

  1. I know what you are going through! I have Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in 2003 by a Rheumatologist. I found out in 2010 that I have R.A. I have read several reasons why they think causes it but I don’t think they truly know. And some doctors believe in it and others don’t.

  2. I have the same thing with my doctor. One of the staff in particular is always mean to me. And a lot of the time they just won’t get back to me when I call with a question or request. I also have only had low vitamin D show up on my tests. My doctor thinks fibro too along with a bunch of other “chronic” invisible illnesses. I also used to have severe digestive issues from when I was born to when they kind of settled down in my mid twenties.

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