In my attempt of gaining hold of my health…

So the last few months I have been super pessimistic when it comes to the fibromyalgia label that I’ve been stuck with.  I don’t like it because all my health problems seem to be pushed to the side because of it.  Anywho, I’ve tried to refocus my unrest on my lack of control of my health by making a journal.
The NP at my doctor’s office (who is amazing and the only reason I still go there)  told me a long time ago that I should try logging my symptoms and what I’m eating.  I always have trouble keeping up with things like that, hence why this blog goes months without a post.  I tried a couple times to keep a notebook, but it never worked.
Well, ladies and gentlemen,  with the help of pinterest, I do believe I found my holy grail!
I created a page in publisher that is custom to my needs and allows me to be creative.  I think this will make my morning habits healthier for me too; wake up and journal (and doodle).


I definitely need thicker paper and a kick of creativity, BUT for now I’m pretty darn proud of myself.
I’m hoping this project helps me and the NP see some patterns we didn’t realize before.  I’m already surprised at my symptoms throughout the day.  I guess I’ve just brushed them off after dealing with this so long.

Hope this inspires some of you to take back your health!  It’s hard to keep fighting for it when you’re labeled with an invisible illness.


3 thoughts on “In my attempt of gaining hold of my health…

  1. You should post a blank page of this track sheet you made. I think a lot of people would love to use it. You did a great job designing something creative and useful.

      • No apology necessary! I’m so glad I could say something that helped you…❤️❤️❤️… Keep up the fight! If you ever want to feel free to contact me using my “contact” form on my blog.

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