Keeping Healthy… Or not.

The biggest challenge I think I have with trying to keep a pretty normal life is exercising.  I know just about everyone has a hard time motivating themselves, but how do you get motivated when you ALWAYS start out feeling like crap?

About once a week I have a burst of energy that only lasts long enough for me to almost do something.  So when it so happens that I’m at home and I get this energy I get motivated to work out on my elliptical.  I go change into my exercise clothes, get my hair put up and find my running shoes, but by the time I get it all together I’m exhausted.  It doesn’t always happen, but most of the time it does.

I guess this is why it’s good to find a support group or to just find other people dealing with the same sort of thing.  A regular healthy person most certainly thinks I’m being lazy, but I swear it’s more than that!  And the extra weight the meds put on does not help.

I know a lot of people with chronic pain try yoga and the such, but I am afraid I don’t have the balance for any of that.  Even water exercises look absolutely exhausting…


One thought on “Keeping Healthy… Or not.

  1. I completely understand what you’re going through. I have fibromyalgia, and sometimes, just the thought of exercising makes me exhausted. I am also bipolar, so when I’m manic exercise comes a lot easier. The problem with that is, I usually overdo it and forget about the fibro….well, not forget, it’s just the mania drives me to another level. When I crash from the mania, the fibro is so much worse.

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