Spoon Theory — for those of you who aren’t familiar.

So basically this chick with lupus was trying to explain what it was like to live with a chronic illness to her friend.  She grabs some spoons, to represent the energy or ability to do activities throughout your day.  By activities I don’t just mean the big things, this includes small things other people without a chronic illness might take for granted like getting dressed in the morning, making supper, going for a walk, etc.  These small things easily take their toll on the chronically ill.  She gives her friend a handful of spoons and tells her to go through her morning routine.  Each time her friend says an activity that takes some extra effort, she takes a spoon.  Before the girl gets to leave for work she’s already used half of her spoons.

It’s kind of genius and I think it really does give a good idea of how it “feels” to have a chronic illness.  If you want to read the actual story you can find it here…



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